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iDnC provides engineered solutions in range of Technology and Businesss Tools.

Our speciality is simply knowing what technology your need to get the Job done. Knowing what works and what adds value to your business takes time and effort, We recognise that your business is unique andthat you need to get the efficiency and economies of scale without the big ticket price.

We have Consultants with 25 years in the business of designing and fostering buiness innovation delivery systems.

From Manufacturing CAD to Productisation and integrating using Cloud or Social Media campaigns we can help you play the 'long game' with a considered strategy.

Flexible and easily phased solutions for dynamic business needs, using industry standard technoogy with no lock-ins.

You deal with a Principal consultant from the first call to the last.

There are NO Sales consultants at iDnC only technologists. Contact us Now for the help you need.

The Details

Based in Sydney, Contact Points in Singapore, HK, Florida

Legal entities domiciled in Australia

Equity Partners in each jurisdisction

ABN 21 030 031 349

Snail Mail:

PO BOX 6211

Grandview Street

Pymble NSW 2073



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